Thursday, 3 May 2012


Waking up in the middle of the night isn't the best thing. They say everything hits you for a reason so it might about time for me to write about it.
I've been thinking lately about how writing sometimes feels different. I can suddenly find myself doing it just to make other people smile while they read my work. Nothing bad in that, it is an immense reward but I don't want to write just so I can publish some piece. Guess it fails the purpose I started writing again. 

On the first day of a new year, while looking for a fresh start, my existence changed with just an eye contact. God was fast answering my deepest wishes. I can't really complain, I should be grateful for always getting what I want on the right time.
From the simplest things to the craziest. A question of controlled vibes maybe. 

Since that day, my life has been turned upside down and I never thought I'd be writing again. I had given up on this "hobby". It doesn't pay; that's what they say. But hell to that, I spent four years trying all 
possible domains on earth and here I am, back to start. You really took me back to where I should be. 

Words are fighting their way out and I can't seem to get to any straight idea. But I need to write so I can feed my soul. Maybe everything I feel would come out in a better way, less aggressive, less hurtful, less destructive.

Sometimes no one understands but you. Silence never appeased me. And it rarely will. My weakness undoubtedly. But some people are lucky to be loved even with such weaknesses. Thank you. 

How I've missed suddenlytwo :)


Thursday, 6 October 2011

Long Live Play !

A PlayStation freak myself, im really enjoying their creative ads recently!! Especially the ones showing during Champions League capitalising on us gamers as the players! just Love it!! 

We are seeing a major switch from product centric advertising to consumer centric  advertising; brands have started shifting to emotional communication startegies. The play on consumer emotions is a tricky field, brands are now putting themselves in the consumer's shoes and peeping through their eyes. The are talking consumer of their products and not brand to consumer anymore!! 

It is now "This is What We Are 4 You " rather than "Buy Us!" 

This new one carries an even bigger WOW effect!!! just watch and enjoy!! 


Angry Soccer Birds!!!

An out of the box Duel between two goalkeepers!!! Very reminiscent of the Nike set of ads a few years back!!

Check them out deciding who is better at playing Angry Brids with a twist!

Kudos for the skills!!


Sunday, 2 October 2011


Now this is a treat!!! the doppelgangers are in town, and in force!!

This is a stunning phenomenon, makes you wonder where your doppelgangers are or have been around the world!

I always get the "you look familiar" comment when i first meet som1, so i wonder if there is som1 other there that looks like me, and if he gets the same comment as well!!

I recall a saying that goes "god created 40 resemblances" or smthn like that... hmmmm

Here's the crew!!

Monday, 26 September 2011

Hitchhiker Snaps

Here's a guy with creativity pumping through his blood, he went on to complete on of his dreams and share ever so fun with the rest.

The Hitchhiker set to got hitchhiking across the USA, taking snapshots of the people he met, to finally put them all in a super fun/creative Time Lapse Video!\


and check out his website on

Now what's your dream?!