Tuesday, 28 September 2010

One Half of SuddenlyTwo (@Alexi13)

wasssap peeps! (yea, not the wisest start for my first blog post i guess :$) 
well a snapshot of who is @Alexi13 is in order so here goes!
Born into a multicultural family with an Arab and European mix, in the land of cheese and wine... i am what you might call the mischievous rebel when growing up, always being questioned about my heritage; a fairly challenging experience considering i grew up in one of the most diverse countries sociologically wise, the land of the Cedars, the land of the Phoenix, the ex-Switzerland of the middle east and soon to regain its title! I've always valued my parental background and so glad my parents have been able to show and teach me the best and worst about their background, their experiences and life. I was still subject to failures and successes like any other teenager growing up, but ever so glad of becoming the person i am today, the pride of my parents, the pride of my lover, the crazy friend of my social circle, the achieved professional i am to become.
residing now in the UAE, Dubai more specifically, i ventured into the world of digital media and marketing and have become a, hmmm, let's say "consensual victim" of the web and the social media cloud that has spawned around the world. Working in one of the biggest local and regional media company, with an amazing team, i am bound to share much of the knowledge and experiences i go through with you all.
You might wonder what makes me so special to blog, to be worth reading, get to know; in all humility, i am one of those persons who likes to keep a positive mark with everyone i meet. The buzzing bee i am allowed me to grow an amazing circle of friends, within my home country and the desert, friends who became more of a second family to me in the recent years. I believe one of the essential things in a person's life is the circle of friends, the circle of life (yea huge Disney fan :$ ) one builds; and my circle has proved to be the best support i can have in any endeavor, but that is another topic to blog about.
ddnt think my first post would be so long, or so personal, i hope it is not some random blabber to some, but just ddnt know where to start or to end, and found myself writing and writing...
well you'll get to know the crazy me in my future posts, my zest for life, my passions, my friends, my interests, the love of my life, family, views on this unpredictable life we are living!!
big shout out to everyone out there!!  hellloooo?!
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there's my buttermint for the day!


  1. because your the other half of my suddeenly2 im writing over here, its true tht lasahely is beyond unique/special a mes yeux, but you two are definetly something else, preuve que 2 people can complete each other in the best of ways, can't wait to see what will come up from ur 2 crazy twisted minds:)
    will be constantly following, vs aime :)<3
    super fiere lanou

  2. I find nothing to say, you're the proof there's always someone caring out there :) !! I love youuuu my Dr Janaaaaa!!! @LaSahely

  3. You guys are too cute! The both of you! Again, nice to meet you! Look forward to being a regular visitor of your blog!

  4. Thank you Danielle!!!!
    we will definitely try and meet up next time im in town!
    glad you love the blog, and lovin yours as well!!

  5. Merci Danielle!! nice to meet u too and looking forward your posts in your blog too !!