Monday, 14 February 2011

Liaison Dangereuse

I stumbled on a, let's say controversial, yet very smart ad for women underwear...

Liaison Dangereuse brand came up with the ad to target Muslim women... here it is, and my thoughts below...

I really liked the ad's conception.

I can immediately see the critics on the extreme use of the Burqa, but i am sad that the western world has been brainwashed by media to relate the Burqa only with Islam, yet to get to people you need to shock them indeed...

The ad is quite witty, keepin the audience captivated by the nude woman and her curves, and also by focusin on the Muslim theme with the close-ups on the woman's oriental features and make up, as well as most importantly the enchanting oriental music throughout...

I do believe however that the introduction of the Burqa is quite sudden at the end of the ad, time constraints i guess, but they could've worked on a smoother transition to it,, maybe the abaya first or make up tuning by the woman...

all in all, daring and well done!


That's my buttermint of the day!

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  1. Awesome find! I'll reblog it!
    Considering as well the reality of the situation, I doubt there was a lot of suspender belt + burqa women 10 years ago; but this is actually very possible to find these days...
    I like this advert, it want to shock (mainly the western mind) because it shows that Burqa women can also be "liberated" (western definition: sexy, naughty)!

  2. that is definitely one way of seein it!!