Sunday, 25 September 2011

Flying Low - British Ariways #FAIL

And yet another embarassed advertiser! 

British Airways recently launched a $40m promotion, only to generate an incalculable EPIC #FAIL !! 

Turns out the bright minds at their creative agency forgot to remove one crucial element during their CGI work, the evidence of using a RIVAL airplane in the ad promo!!! 

The plane used in the promo has been branded with the necessary BA branding, but the airplane tag/code unfortunately slipped through, only to be spotted by a BA engineer's keen eye, almost too late!! 

the pic speaks for itself! 

"BA's advertising agency, BBH, were then called upon to make an emergency edit to ensure the 90-second ad, which charts the history of the company, was corrected.
The offending shot showed a row of three BA Boeing 747s sitting on the tarmac. The closest displays the serial code G-VGAL, the marking for a Virgin Atlantic plane based in Manchester."

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