Thursday, 3 March 2011


As some might have noticed, we are huge food aficionados!!! we just live to eat!!

I was thinkin of how much i love havin ful breakfasts, definitely is my favorite meal of the day!!! The array of hats breaky can wear, from the sweet pancakes, to the salty croissants... and voila, the croissant, itself being such a versatile breaky food with all its varieties!!

I stumbled upon the below video, just check it out... makes me wana savor it even slower whenever i eat one now, the process behind it is just amaziiiing...

Just thought i'd prepare your morning drool for breaky! 

My fav is definitely the Pain au Chocolat, no the almond one, no no waiiiit, the zaatar (Thyme) one,,, hmmmmm or is it cheese? aaaaaaggggghhhh it's so hard to decide, and that's the beauty of it,, cuz u get to order more than one for breaky hahahah 

Bon Appetit!!! 



  1. Bonjour ou Sahtaine just had my pain au lait , chaheitouni :)
    nice article

  2. yummmmy for my tummy! Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day too! soo much soo that I sometimes have breakfast for dinner! :D

  3. thanks girlll!!! i totally agreee with you D! and yes the best of it all is breaky at night hahaha