Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The Narcicyst Beats

Today im sharing one of the great discoveries i stumbled upon this year.

It was during the TedxDubai event that i first got introduced to The Narcicsyt, he had a great presentation as you can read in my previous post here.

He's on Twitter and you better follow his musical genius!
and his website

And here is the video of him at TedxDubai, one hell of a show/presentation, an eye opener!

Here is his latest artwork!

The video is insaaaaane!!
The start is superb with "The maker can see you, puts you on the edge of your seat with the dude dreaming, feelin guilt, makin you wonder what he did?! is he waiting for punishment?
AND THEN, voilaaaa the beats start making your ears go drunk! the lyrics are siiiiiick!!!
The effects in the video are kick ass!!  loved the coins vomit with the final spit at the end,, the flock of crows with the train,,

(the views i express are solely mine and do not reflect the artists behind the video)


And here is another great track by this way talented artist!!

A final nice skit he did on Busta's Arab Money!

I'll leave you all with his freakin great words about Hip-Hop:

"Highly Intellectual People Hovering Over Politicians, that hyphen between the Hip and the Hop is the land that we walk on"


That's my musical buttermint of the day.

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