Friday, 18 March 2011

Fallen Angels by Lynx

Stumbled upon this great TVC by Lynx deodorants!!

i am a big fan of their ads, with their twists on the attractiveness of the deodorant! They really get creative!

This latest one proves them thinking out of the box,, tapping into the other females to be attracted to their deodorants! lovin the soundrack as well, complementing the divine nature of the victims hahaha

What do you guys think!? 


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  1. I like their campaigns..I really do..yet I don't know one guy who buys Axe! Do you wear it Alexi?

  2. yeaaa!! that's so true!! they have great campaigns!! but i duno, i dnt wear them, n barely know guys who do!! i think they don't focus much on the health benefits side as much as others maybe?!