Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Building Blocks

Hey all!! 

SuddenlyTwo is back in action after a hiatus! 

This weekend i was reunited with a childhood love of mine, one of the best things to ever be present in a child's toy collection:

I un-boxed some new Lego toys with little young friend... the memory rush just hit me!

remember the excitment when you find those little colorful pieces, the crumbling of the plastic bags holding them while you open them so passionately, the sparkle in your eyes, the huge smile on your face... 

You then quickly unfold the building manual to start the Lego creation

And the fun started, i began showing the kid the ropes on how to follow the instructions, the colors, counting the number of holes, memorizing the underside of each block for better spotting during the build.. 

Halfway trough the build i got excited myself, i started giving him one part of the construction and secretly buidling another part behind his prying eyes, just to satisfy this hunger for Lego!!! 

The toy is such a marvel, gets your brain cranking, figuring out what goes where, how similar the toy will look to the drawings and the image on the box, and my best part of it all, if you can figure out the rest of the build when you are halfway through, without looking at the manual!

What i recall doing is building all the toys, displaying them for a while before dismantling them and throwing the blocks in a huge box where all the ex-toys lay... just to start pulling out the box and build from my own imagination!! 

I believe this is a toy ever child should be exposed to, whould be encouraged to build more and more to work out that creative side of the brain!! 

Here are pics of some interesting Lego "sculptures", and links below as well for more galleries!



If you have any Lego sculptures, tpys or pics of them in your archives, do share!! 

Happy building!! 


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