Sunday, 13 March 2011

V-Muscle !!

A while ago i rented out a bike while my car was in service, the mighty '10 Harley Davidson V-Rod Muscle !!  here's my take on it !

First off, some boring specs for some:

Displacement: 1,250cc (V2 - four stroke)
Gearbox: 5 speed
Exhaust system: Dual side Satin Chrome
Cooling: Water Cooled
Weight: 292 Kg

Being a superbike rider (own a '06 Honda CBR600RR), my first concern was the weight of the bike when i first saw it. Gettin on it was daunting enough, with the wider handlebars than a sport bike, the seating position, more upright and feet upfront! Kicking off the bike stand, i realized how its low ground clearance makes it easier to handle the weighty bike, it does feel light, surprisingly! 

I really liked the instrument cluster on the bike, it does portray its sporty muscle side, clear rpm, tachometer and fuel gauges, pure and simple!

The bike has a keyless ignition system, kinda tricky, need to always keep in mind to lock it once you get off, but a nice touch to avoid the hassle of using the key, as long as u keep the bike in sight that is ;) 

Starting off the engine is a pure joy every time with the harley rumble along the exhaust tips, nothing will beat that! thank god they patented it :p Once you set off on the bike, you immediately notice the maneuverability of such a beast, it handles like a mix of a sport bike and a cruiser... Goin over the overpass bends in Dubai proved to be easy for the bike and much fun testing how far it would bend on the curves.. but the true power of this bike is the long stretches on SZR. With its water cooled engine, this is one of the most powerful bikes Harley has, the torque once you twist your right hand is phenomenal, like riding a saber tooth !!! The wide rear tyre does excel at providing a comfy very stable ride in any situation, the suspension system is phenomenal you don't feel the bumps at all!!! The seat, ohhh the comfyyy leathery sofa seat, my butt thanks it still!! 

Another nice touch on the bike is the signal lights integration on it, their placement keeps a clean design to the bike, without any hangin bits on the sides, very smartly done!! 

All in all, it is a great bike to own, if you seek a mix of a cruiser bike with immense power and sporty handling!! 


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That's my buttermint for the day!! 


  1. Oooohh bikes! Do you take @lasahely with you on rides? :D

  2. hahah of couuuurse i do!!!!