Tuesday, 5 July 2011

AlmazaNa ?!

Im always on the lookout for creative ad copies and ad executions and such, being in the industry and all; and having a penchant for creativity and ideation.

The latest campaign to strike my eye, was that of Almaza Beer (Lebanese Beer)... which brough back some memories of their ads in the recent years.

They have been relying heavily on popular saying in the lebanese dialect and twisting them to fit the brand and product... it is gona be quite tricky to explain and translate the messages, but for lebos, you'll get it immediately and salute the creativity

The latest one, with the line, "Blonde or Brunette" which is spot on, for the different bottles they sell.

With the plethora of political parties in Lebanon, they chose to ride the wagon and be the party of 24!

The copy reads:
1971 (right) : Lebanese Georgina Rizk crowned Miss Universe...we celebrated
1990 (left): it settled (end of the civil war in lebanon ... we back to celebrating
A lebanese dialect specificity where we turn names into actions like We McDonalded? (as in let's go, we grab a mcdees)

After 2 disturbing summers in Lebanon, the copy reads "2008, what ever happens, we gona celebrate) 
It was a period of elections, and the copy reads "This summer, everyone's eye is on the chair"

The copy reads "it must open again" in the sense that, good fortune must come around

The brewery of Almaza is situated in Dawra, and witnesses heavy traffic, as it is one of the capital's main entry/exit points.
The copy reads "you think the Dawra traffic is because of me?"

Please share any new Almaza ads when you spot them!



  1. If you are not drinking Tall Boys, you don't know Schlitz http://lnk.co/HAPFX

  2. Thanks for translating for those of us who don't speak Arabic and are still getting to know Lebanon! Even through the translations, they are brilliant! Great concept, copy, and execution. Bravo!

  3. Thk uuuu D!!!!

    now onto the more important things, miss i-love-to-challenge-myself ,,, by end of year, you are to be fluent in Arabic, actually in Lebanese, otherwise major poking and teasing will be justified.

    got it?


  4. Very Creative ads and nice post. Will re-blog :)