Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Free men, Free-meen?!

UPDATE: Zeid Hamdan was just released, you can follow all the news on Twitter #FreeZeid

A very disappointing and sad event was witnessed today in Beirut, LEBANON

One of the most talented Lebanese artists Zeid Hamdan (former SoapKills frontman) was arrested today over his release of a short song 1 year ago!!

the song below, showcases what most youth and the Lebanese society is feeling

Distraught over the current Lebanese political and social situation with the never ending status of corruption and militia control and brainwash.

The song's final words addressing the current president General Suleiman state : General Suleiman, GO Home!!

the song itself is a work of talent with vibrant beats and straight to the point lyrics, and a visually attractive video clip.

It is interesting to know why the authorities have waited one long year to get their act up and decide the unimaginable arrest of the artist.

In a country considered as the forerunner of free speech and free expression advocate, seeing this makes you think twice about the song itself and its valid arguments.

Yet another event that makes me ashamed of holding the Lebanese nationality, but still i am fortunate and proud to see the hope rise in me again of this country to one day rise back from its ashes, restore its "Switzerland of the Middle East" status and prove what a wonderful country it can fly out to be,, this hope which artists like Zeid and his work keep thriving to never let this flame die in us.


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