Monday, 15 August 2011

1,000,000 thank you!

This is a firm example on brands thinking beyond social media on the web, and giving back to their fans/consumers.

1st comes Heineken's recent 1,000,000 hugs campaign, where the brewer celebrated reaching 1,000,000 Facebook fans with dispatching Heineken girls to hug 1,000,000 fan, with a big Thank You hug, one hug at a time!!! This is a great and simple way to send out a personal thank you!! Imagine the faces and reactions of people (especially the chromosome Y),, well check out the video below!

2nd example comes from one of the most prominent car manufacturers, Porsche! To celebrate reaching their 1,000,000th fan on Facebook, they went about this quite differently and unexpectedly, some might say. The guys at Porsche decided the best way to say thank you is to give every one of those fans a ride in of their power house cars, the GTR3 R Hybrid. The video below gives out the timeline of how Porsche wrote the name of all their 1,000,000 fans on the car and showcased it as their big thank you to their social community, on full display at the Porsche Museum!

Compare the above to the rather very corporate boring thank you message from the guys at Swarovski!

Finally, a nice touch from KLM with the below picture of them writing their Fans of the Day on a huge whiteboard and sharing it, cute, simple and a to the point thank you!


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