Sunday, 11 September 2011

Digital Ambiguity

Well im not a fan of magic, nor much impressed by it, but this just was magical on a another level, more of intriguing!

Marco's work and the story behind it, offers a new perspective to magic. The integration of one of the most influential inventions turns the magic show into eye candy!!

What do you think!?



  1. Back in college my philosophy professor, who is a devout Muslim from India, told me that there is so much in this world that is explained.. and if I go to India I would see a whole lot of things that I can only describe as magic or supernatural.

    Perception.. yes.. how else do people have different points of view on something concrete?

  2. Hey K,

    I would agree with you professor, and that implies in so many other parts of the world surely.

    Perception, indeed one of the more mysterious things we are yet to explain.