Saturday, 18 December 2010

"I got A's and B's. And I'm not even frontin'" K. (Review of Kanye's Latest Album)

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy - Mutha efffin, sorry i mean a MOTHAFUCKIN Masterpiece!!!!

Kanye West's new album !!! 

Just loooove the cover!!! Kanye and the Phoenix!! for those who watched the "Runaway" long feature vid, they'll see it right away.... its so provocative that 5 cover albums are available, check at end of post.

i am kinda late on the review of this album, and late in listenin' to it,, especially after the kick ASS 30 mins music video as a teaser to the album, entitled "Runaway"

The music video was considered like a modern "Thriller" release, and it came pretty close in my humble opinion.. the video depicts the story of a phoenix landing on earth Kanye taking her under his wing.. The phoenix offers the stranger's critical eye to our social behavior and more,,, the video is a pot pourri of the songs of the now released album... The video itself is so well constructed that you barely feel the 30 mins pass away!!! 

Check it out hear, talkin about it won't do it justice, lemme know wht you think!! 

Now the album itself... Ooooooo Emmmmmmm Geeee
yes thats how mind blowing i find it !!!! i missed listenin to goooood satisfying intoxicating music!! 
I see this album as the culmination of Kanye's work so far, like his pervious albums merged into a powerhouse!! 
You will find the intoxicating soul beats, symphonic badd ass-erie and that sexy electro maniac music!!! 
playin the 13 tracks in a row, you will find the depth of music layers, of emotions between the tracks, its simply beautiful!! Kanye at his best !!!
The sexiness is having almost every track as a kaleidoscopic blend of music genres, working so well to tell his story...
 The album, could've simply been named Kanye, the man. During his hiatus in Hawaii, Kanye freakin' worked on the album, even bookin 3 recording studios, hoppin between each whenever he hit a musical wall in a song.. The album covers the highs and lows of an egomaniac, sex, escapism, decadence, grandiosity, wealth, romance...
an collection of A-list stars worked with Kanye on the album, most notably Rihanna, Beyonce, Elton John, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj, Drake, The Dream, Fergie, John Legend, Eminem, Lil'Wayne, etccc....

my fav track on the album is yet to be decided!! ,, but to filter down some down,,,

All of The Lights  - i see it as the perfect track to represent the blend of music mastery in this album!! 

Dark Fantasy - The best cruisin' tune as per my buddy buddy @nchouman

POWER - makes you feel Herculian, or should i say Kanye-ian !! - for the music video teaser

Lost in the World - @LaSahely's favorittte!!!! 

Lastly, the alternative album cover art version

Kanye, "the PIMP is, at the top of mount olympus"

Share your views of the album/songs if you heard them already!! 


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