Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Mukhi Sisters - Jewelry With Attitude

Introduciiiiiiiiiiiiing the Mukhi Sisters!!!!

with a mixed Indian-Lebanese heritage, the Mukhis have been coming up with sensational jewelry pieces!! the line is one to look out for in the coming years, for it has been proving a hit amongst the clientele in Lebanon and overseas.

from clutches, to rings, to necklaces, to headgear worn by A-List celebs like blondie Paris Hilton below

Headpiece by the Mukhi Sisters for Paris Hilton, Dubai BFF Press Conference- July 09

The brand has been making fruitful appearances across the local jewelry shows, heavy promotion online through Facebook and Twitter, and most importantly, the frenzy goin around the social networks of both Mukhi sisters

Just today, they have released a video promoting their Jewelry !!! i must say, it was shot with plenty of attitude!!!

The gorgeous girls Karine Yassine (Brunette) and Karen Zaatari (Blondie) are perfect in the video, they are so natural throughout the attitudes they show, their fun with one another is so funny and just puts a huge smile on your face.. still with all the sexy stop motion in the video, you tend to keep an eye on the headwear, necklace and head band they are showcasing !!! The music is so funky u keep on tryin to sing it!!!

hmmm did u spot granny at the end?!

what you waiting for !!! visit the Mukhi Sisters on:






Tel: +961 1 247 274


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  1. I love their stuff, and the video is very cute! Around what price range is their jewelry?

  2. Hey D,

    sorry for the late reply!!! yea they have a wide price range, but for more info i suggest givin them a buzz, they super friendly! ask for zeenat!