Sunday, 19 December 2010

قهوة القزاز

Another iconic landmark of the Lebanese socio-cultural scene is to wither down...

The most famous café in Lebanon, located in on of Gemmayzeh's beautitful old buildings, is set to shut down.. Apparently after finding a technical loophole in the tenancy contract, the building owners have moved along with the decision to evict the cafe owners..

This place has been standing strong for 85 years,

85 years of clients
85 years of entertainment
85 years of politicians, writers, thinkers, etc...

85 years of Lebanese socio-econo-politoco-cultural histroy,,, that's EPIC !!

The cafe will shut down on New Year's Eve and start evacuating the premises that week. im glad ill be in Beirut prior to that and will visit the shop for one last goodbye of this Phoenix!

The cafe will hold a charity concert night, which will raise money to Save Beirut Heritage association, which works on preserving our heritage.

P.S: it is set to reopen in Antellias area... i doubt it will be the same, fingers crossed to rise from the ashes!!

if you had any experiences of the café, do share!!


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1 comment:

  1. the only permanent things is life is change,i have been hearing similar stories like shutting down old place like this and it make me feel sad and nostalgic.
    well good luck for the reopening in Antellias i hope it will work.