Tuesday, 7 December 2010

vrOOm 4x4 Trip!

Last weekend me and a group of friends went to Oman for some Off-Road action and a nice lunch afterwards,

The grid lineup consisted of the following:

Land Rover Defender TD5 SWB a.k.a Ruby
2 Mitsubishi Pajero LWB
Mitsubishi Pajero SWB
and my Nissan Armada aka Butso

once we reached Oman, the action started off easy with some gravel and rocky paths, and then curiosity hit about a leading upward trail into the mountains,,, the wise advice of our women passengers was deafened by typical Boys n' Toys !! 

Butso and Ruby

Butso in action!!

The off-road expedition was cut short due to rough terrain ahead that would damage the stock cars (all except Ruby). We did push our cars to the max with the rough terrain BIG time!! i was sooo impressed by my Butso handling the terrain, and thankfully with no damages, well other than the plants scratching the hell out of my paint, yea Ali, get a black car,, suuuuper bright of you!! well, now the dangerous thought of buying a Wrangler as my Off-Road toy is poking me endlessly, siighhh...

Next stop was the lovely retreat, Hatta Fort Hotel for a quick lunch before heading into the desert for a short camping spot !! 

And here are some pics of our camping site!! it was quickly set up by the boys, with the wimiiinnnzz setting up the food for their Macho Macho Men!! hahaha corn cobs, marshmallows, Nutelllllllllla sandwiches and a crazy dude wanted to bbq a banana !!! 

The trip was a great experience with friends, good food, lotsa laughs and pics!! 

Thank you allll!! 
Dany & Lama, Carl & Maya, Firas & Sally, Tony & Soulaf, Rabih & wife :$, Wael, Hatem, Sarah, Alan and Habib !!

P.S: i still felt alone with all this company, my baby girl @LaSahely was MIA but present in my heart and running around in my head telling me to be safe :D 

Till the next trip, keep those engines revvvvvin'!!! 


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  1. hahahha hayati toi! Love the post, xo @LaSahely

  2. Oman is a very nice place to be. i have been there ,the weather at this time is very nice, and its definitely very fun going with group of friends by car.

  3. @Chantal .. yess it was such a great time with friends!!

    @Maria its such a beautiful scenery!!! i loved it!!!

    Thk u for the comments!!