Thursday, 4 November 2010

Bed Head !

Got off to a new start for my mornings to day!

woke up with the oh so dreaded bed hair !!! after spending almost 8 years with short hair, i decided to grow  it, and boy its growing!! 
im so nervous now about goin into that bermuda triangle period where you dont knw wht to do with your hair, however you style it, it still will look like crap! hmmm,, and i should prepare my list of hair wax/gel to keep it in check when needed... 

which reminded me of some funny and smart ads for exactly taming my new hair!! 



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  1. The lion is just the best, not sure if this gel advert copied Timotei with this creative or the otherway around. (link below)

    Good luck growing your hair! I'd love to see the "chouche" (that's what we say in my home-zone lingo for a lot of hair). "Il a une de ces chouches oh" "Qué chouche qu'il a" *accent du sud*

  2. ahhh ouaiii je connais la timotei ad!! duno to be honest as well which came first hahaha ,,

  3. Wow! These are fantastic! Good luck with your hair dude.