Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Més Que Un Club!

1,2,3,4,5 - 0 !!!! 

that's how people should remember yesterday's El Clasico !! the famous clash of the titans of two of the best European soccer teams

The tension was at its highest between the fans before the start of the game, with the usual teasing and taunting pre-game and in the first minutes of kick-off... the fans in club shirts, caps and even BlacBerry Messenger profile pics, including me and @LaSahely,,, everything was set for an action packed game with everyone preparing the taunts, the replies, the "gooooooooooolll" broadcast messages and tweeeets!!  

Kick-off, teams testing each other out, and BAMMMM, then KAPPOOOWWW, the first two goals in barely 20 mins into the game and the Blancos' spirit was broken, their play began to fumble down the drain unfortunately, only to be replaced with a 70-30 possession split in favor of the Blaugrana !! 

One would wonder about such a crushing victory against Mourinho, one of the most prominent coaches these days, and his results with Real Madrid, adjusting their playing style to their old beautiful flair, barely though... 

Well i believe the issue was not Mourinho's formation, tactics or instructions to his players which betrayed him and the team,, but it was the players themselves... running a comparison with the Barca play yest, one would notice a team playing as One-For-All, like a build-up of 20 passes before the 2nd Barca goal, against a team playing as 3 teams in one, with the defense trying to just hold their ground and push the ball away, the midfield desperately looking for the attackers and missing the passes, and the attackers passing when their teammates least expect it?! i think the Real Madrid players betrayed themselves with not being in-sync, with not taking things slower, building up their movement through the pitch..

I have enjoyed and quite agreed on the 10 points why we Barca fans should've feared Mourinho, byt my good friend @figo29 on his blog,


well i guess tonight my friend figo, we showed them !! Ronaldo still ddnt score against Barca in a Real Madrid jersey, we did not treat them like an Almeria team (they made it easy), Messi was flamboyant against Mourinho's containment measures, we did not need our substitution bench (albeit Bojan almost scored twice), Puyol was Ronaldo's "Sisyphus Boulder", Villa scored twiiice (but ddnt play tht well though)....

The game's golden moments would definitely be the renowned tiqui-taca passing of Barca, the Ronaldo shove to Pep Guardiola, the fighting spirit of the Barca players, the disorientation in the Real Madrid players, the Sergio Ramos red card and the silent Mourinho...

i would like to congratulate Barccaaaaaaaaa :D and hard luck for Real Madrid, but the crushing win left aside, the season is not over yet, this is the first time Barca tops the standings, and we have always witnessed the relentless fight of Mourinho and the Real Madrid team's surprises throughout the league.. 

The coming games are tough for Real Madrid...

Until the next El Clasico in May (with Mourinho having never lost a home game since 2003 with any team he coached), godspeed for both teams!


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  1. The next round is on April 17, 2010
    I agree with what happened.
    Visca Barca!
    As for the Mourinho effect, yes, if we haven't feared him we wouldn't have smashed his team. I will be posting the aftermath on my blog soon.
    Love your enthusiasm.