Saturday, 6 November 2010

Hot Torch!

hello helllo my geeky friends!! 

my blackberry bold 9700 gave me a hard time last week and decided to die out with resetting with the slightest of movements, and all resuscitation attempts came with no avail :( 

well, too bad for him!! he got replaced muuuuhahahaha ,, by this magnificent marvel from BlackBerry

The Torch 9800 !! 

And what a phone!!! 

this sums it up for the techys

and my take on it? 

the OS 6 is pretty well built, very fast, no more hangs, ready for the fast fingers and heavy multitasking. the touch screen has done away with the click screen of the storm and has even included the same browser software used by Android and Apple's IOS,,, yes yes, multi touch screen and superb web browsing ability!! 

i loved the design, so sleek, barellllyyyy bigger than the bold 9700, by 0.1 inch! nothing!! i was anxiously waiting for Blackberry to release a phone with a full physical keyboard coupled to a touch screen, and voila, they did it so well!!  it is even being referred to as the best blackberry to date :D 

i did not however like the battery casing's rubbery feel and design, but hey thts the secondary task of phone covers, cover the imperfections haha..

Finally, a must have phone for users wanting a touchscreen and not wanting to let go of the physical QWERTY keyboard :) 


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  1. as a non-crackberry, the Torch didn't really impress me...the touch screen is slow and the UI hasn't really changed all the much; it's still not very user-friendly. You won't know the difference unless you've used an Android phone or iPhone; there really is no excuse for RIM to not be able to make phones with proper touch functionality. Plus for the same price as the Galaxy S and iPhone 4, I feel you get a lot less, especially when it comes to apps and flexibility in use (Google Sync ftw!). Just my 2 cents!

  2. well, i will have to disagree actually, i own an iPhone 4 and i cn see the difference, and its very minimal to be honest.. the UI in the blackberry i find it very user friendly to me, i find it very similar to the iphone's.. the touch screen aint tht slow as well, i must admit not as fast as the iphone's or android's but pretty close, and not tht slow to make you go ugghhh... actually it does have google sync :D,, and yes you might have less flexibility with the apps than the others, but thts y i got myself the iphone, which i believe is more of an app device, than a phone...
    my 2 cents back :p

  3. I just really really dislike BlackBerry lol