Saturday, 27 November 2010

Techy Cookie Dough

I want to introduce to you all my close friend's shop Cookie Dough !!! 

Cookie Dough offers multi-brand Luxury for Little Ones from 0-6 years. We harmonize the fashionably avant-garde with the timeless classic, presenting a concoction of styles and trends personally handpicked from both internationally acclaimed brand names, as well as discreet upcoming designers.

The shop offers a great experience and well catered to every last detail!!  form the handmade and hand painted clothes hangers, to the colorful thematic window displays, to the amazing services they offer such as a limo ride at no extra cost to pick u up from your place and take you back !! 

The beautiful door! 

The works

Cutest Hangers !! 

And newly launched is the Blackberry Messenger service! yess yesss,, BBM used for businesses!!  i believe it is a first in Beirut,  and i actually see this for the first time ! 

Introducing our Blackberry Service! Add us on your BBM: 21CEB868 to make orders and deliveries easier. It will also help you stay up to date with our news, latest collections, services, and promotions.

now that's a kick ass idea!!! 

the shop just even released a cookbook full of recipes for babies!!! 

Cookie Dough is PROUDLY owned by one of the most amazing people you will ever meet Ms. Yasmin Agha !!! 

If you are ever free, do drop by and have a chat with her and check out the shop :D 

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  1. The store looks so precious! If ever I need something for a baby shower, I will surely stop by.

  2. It suuuure does, way better than the pics!! do pass by! clemenceau area, facebook group for details.