Friday, 5 November 2010

El Mariachi !


after 3 years sittin in its coffin, the guitarrrra came out!! i enrolled today to take classes and try to master the instrument!

Went over to the Sing n Swing center in Ibn Battuta Mall, and met the teacher, his name is Nitin Joe.. very cool guy, if u ever wana learn, he the man!! 

so we started by restringing my guitar since i had a broken string,, and we were off!! 

i opted not to follow the classical type of music on the guitar and more into the spanish,, since i wana play hopefully the classic spanish ballads and rock songs and such... 

First off, got accustomed to the notes, the chords and the scales,, and started practicing them with the teach, and gettin some tips on hand and finger positioning..

yes it was frustrating to see how difficult it is to control each finger to hit the notes well, was a bit boring since you kinda keep on repeating the scales.. and thats how it will be for the next couple of weeks till i get it right :D 

i must say when i saw him playin the notes so easily, that was it, i must practice hard every day!!! 

hopefully next time ill post a vid about me playin my first correct notes :D 


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  1. I tried hard to learn the guitar but quit after the first five minutes. Hope you master it soon. Don't give up.

  2. Good luck with that! The guitar is one of the most difficult instruments to master! I know because my Mother used to be a classical guitarist and would practice for 5 hours everyday! But where there is a will there is a way..good luck!

  3. patience is a virtuuue ahhhhh !!! i have a great reason to keep on goin :) thk u for the support :D