Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Deja-vol !

The plane, in this age most of us have at least been on a plane once! and i envy the ones who never took a plane again...

No, i don't fear planes :D but i fear the dreaded flight attendant announcements!!! so much that i barely notice them anymore as i start putting my headphones on before even boarding! 

i mean, seriously, with alllll the creativity we see around us and innovation, do airlines really do not plan on changing this?!

Well apparently some flight attendants took it upon themselves to make the flights more enjoyable for the passengers, and for them i believe! i would throw myself out if i board 5 planes a day and repeat the same boring announcement to my crew and passengers...

so here's a few vids on those brave innovative flight attendants i would want to hitch a ride with one day... 

And finally, a surprisingly daring yet funny flight announcement by Emirates Crew (lyrics included)!!


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  1. Seriously this is the great article ever ,it gave me a new vision on flying again ,as all my flights were boring ,i loved the one who was rapping and specially the dancing girls
    keep it up .

  2. You may like this official commercial for Air Liberté:

    Et... Lol. Je repense a Gad Elmaleh et l'hotesse de l'air avec les gestes approximatiqffff: "peux-etre toi tu vas mourir, elle aussi, lui aussi, moi j'sais pas peut-etre j'vais rester" Hehe