Friday, 1 October 2010

Boys And Their Toys

So I went Karting today!! 

Yesss Yess.. boys and their toys!! 

It all started out of boredom, when one day we decided to pass time me and some buddies, all of a sudden we find ourselves competing with each other for the best lap times (duuuhhhh, we are boys!! hellooo!!!) 

My buddy Zee is a formula 1 freak and loves it, he started sharing how most F1 drivers start off in karting, and we asked around and found that some competitions are on the calendar in the Dubai Autodrome! Ali and Zee, HOOKED!
We started training more, gathered some friends, got the support of our company and entered a 24hrs endurance race!!! yes the results were good :D 

Another round of this race is up in 4 weeks and we had our first training session 

It is quite a pleasure to be part of a team that strives on friendly competition, we are able to push each other to our best performances with the classic guy teasing process!! Guess our male hormones are the hardest to control, our ego always finds a way to pop up and challenge others, even when we know we can’t be up to the challenges! Yet, I believe this is grounds for a healthy team spirit, ok sometimes ;)

We are eager to kick ass in 4 weeks, driving under a scorching sun, watching the sun set and the sun rise, trying to catch a glimpse of the stars over our heads, if our shiny egos dim down a bit hahaha

I wish my teammates Tom, SignorZ, ASD, Il Ghazal, TheGhazal, Khatib, Wolf, Kikous, and myself AA the best of luck!! 

Remember, if you are not having fun, you can’t win!! 

Finally, do come cheer us on the 22nd-23rd of October 2010, at the Dubai Autodrome!!!! 

GOOOOOO OMD Team!!!!  “Ghadaaabbbbbb” (angeerrrrrrrrr)


That’s my buttermint for the night!! 

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  1. GHADAB hahha ghadab?? best of luck awada !! Would have loved to see the the race ! kick asses bass Safe*!

  2. hahah loved the idea :D Feel like karting now

    and this quote as well

    Remember, if you are not having fun, you can’t win!!