Monday, 4 October 2010

Fight Night


Yeppp,,totally a guy thing (ok some girls like it too)!

         This weekend went off with my buddy Zee to attend a fight night organised by the gym we go to, well i havnt in a while but next week its back to kickboxing!!. The gym KO Promotions’ coach Zack Taulafai had 8 of his fighters on the ring tonight !!! and alll except one have walked away with a victory!! impresssive skills all of them from Boxing to Kickboxing to Muay Thai to MMA (Mixed Martial Arts).
Part of the action, with my trusty Nikon 3000D

         The place was packed, energy of the crowd overwhelming!!! and the fighters daammmmnnnnn so energetic and determined!! 

         Sitting there watching every fight has ignited in us the desire to be up there on the ring!!  we were on our feet most of the time, and when not, we were throwing punches and ducking to every punch and kick! i gotta be honest, im scared for my nose hahaha... i guess this fighting instinct is something we all have in us as leftover from our ancestors’ survival instinct, the survival of the fittest!! 

         Some would ask, why would some1 go through all this training, sacrificing sleep hours to train early morning and after work, to remain on a strict diet, to go the extra mile!! and all for what? for a chance to come back bruised the next day to work, to feel lousy from losing after so much time spent training, to do a simple mistake that will make him go down, to risk passing out from a kick (like what happened to one of the fighters, he came crumbling down faster than the twin towers, yet it seemed an eternity)... i suppose, no i believe that the chance to come out victorious, to lift that trophy/belt up high, to earn the satisfaction of all the hard training and sacrifices, to be the king of the ring, yes that truly overweighs the cons!! 

         Humans have always felt the need to surpass themselves, to become stronger, tougher, smarter than the rest since the beginning of time, simply because it meant being able to survive! we still have this survival instinct whether we feel it or not.

i just hope i keep on driving back home with my buddy Zee from these fights singing “Eye of the Tiger” rather than “Ouch i have a Black Eye!!”


And that's my buttermint for the night!! 

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  1. Thanks for telling me about this fight night!

  2. lool ddnt knw you interested!! yalla next time you tag along!

  3. I love UFC..GSP..BJ Penn..Frankie Edgar..and that English dude who tried to convince everyone that he could beat GSP..what's his name again..oh yeah..Dan that guy even though he got his *** kicked..It gets me going as much as it gets you going I imagine. I practiced martial arts for three years when I lived in Miami, but had to give it up when I started working..I miss the competitive nature of it..I mean, going to the gym is fun and all..but it can't give you the rush like sparing another person can..Thanks for sharing this post with us.. should also be afraid of cauliflower ear..that sh*t is nastttyy!