Thursday, 7 October 2010

Missing you

My gorgeous Mom! 

Momy, tu me manque 
Momy, shta2tillik
Momy, nedostaješ mi
Momy, I miss you

This has been the longest I havnt seen my mom, 4 loooong months 

This motherly love I long for so much, your radiant smile than can make me bounce back from the deepest abyss, your lullaby that used to put me to sleep oh how I long for it, your hugs that fill me with millions of solar eruptions, your scolds that put me back in check, your amazing food that puts me in such a high, your healing touch when I have a bobo,,, 

Momy, I cannot wait to put my head on your shoulder, that shoulder which nothing can mute its peacefully loud silence.

I love you…

P.S: cal your mom now, tell her you love her...


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