Sunday, 17 October 2010

Waiting for Godot?!

did you get 5 mins to think about your day today? 
did you get 5 mins to think about your parents today?
did you get 5 mins to think about next week's plans?
did you get 5 mins to think about that pending favor for a friend?
did you get 5 mins to read about world news?
did you get 5 mins to practice your guitar lessons?

in this modern day and age you barely have some alone time, to either check up on your family, friends you havn't seen since college, practice on your new guitar... we live in such a fast paced age, such a flooded system, that we developed the special skill to cram and live a + 24hrs day into a single day... 

i am lucky to still have the now scarce "Me Time" almost every day,, with my daily commute from DXB to ADH, i get to have some "Me Time" to enjoy, whenever my boss (who rides with me almost daily) is on the phone.. i get to switch off from the world for coupla minutes during the long straights on the drive (thank you cruise control and comfy seats!!) These are like tiny bites of ur fav chocolate, where you can forget about the coming surprises in your inbox, the freezing office, etc...

yet the best time i have found to really switch off from the world, escape it all, and forget about everything, and indulge in the much needed self reflection which keeps me sane in this crazy world!
my refuge, the plane!! 

yes the plane is becoming my favorite place in the world right now (other than my lover's arms). With an almost monthly commute in the phallic fuselage, ive grown accustomed to its serenity. Surely my best isolation tools (Beats n iPod 160GB) come in hanndy to fliter out the screaming babies, the talkative "OOO-MMM-GGG, cnt-believe-u-r-on-the-same-plane-as-me convo people", the snoring neighbour and the random PA annoucement of the captain's horn blowing,, 

and this is it, you, alone, your fav track ON, a good book/movie/anime and you are off to an amazing time... away from the whinning of your other half, the smartphone! to be able to just have 3 hours of peace while awake,, this is priceless!! 

this is when you plan your weeks to come, this is when you organise your activity list, this is when you take your time missing the ones you love, this is when you come up with your best ideas, this is when you are you...

take a trip people, u deserve it !


That's my buttermint for the day

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  1. Trips are meant to tell us the next destination. True.