Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Ridin' The Wind


Just got my baby Jade fixed up, new chain, new chain sprocket and new front tyre and we both feeeeeling goooooood!!! 

So what might have gone off in my mind to get a motorbike in Dubai ?! with an accident every, ekhh i lost count :s 

Jade: '06 Honda CBR 600RR

I must say it is not the sanest of things to do :$ but it was out of both a boyish dream to ride and ride fast, the whole experience, the adrenaline rush of it and lately the convenience of it, 8 months of the year that is in the desert.
It admit i went off a little crazy on a bit at first, after coupla falls, i had to tone it down and care for my safety more, much more!!  with that said, the convenience of a bike in Dubai is unparalleled!! Still the dangers never keep on popping out in the way, from the unexpected patches of water/oil, the crazy drivers, some even trying to run you off, to the slippery car park flooring... staying on super high alert and concentration is part of the fun too :) 

how many times did u circle the mall parking for more than 15 mins looking for a parking spot, sometimes even missing a movie cuz of it? well i don’t cuz i always park in the “bike zone”, the sidewalk hahaha!! 
how many times did you get stuck in traffic cuz of a silly fender bender and the drivers rubbernecking? well i just zip through and never miss an appointment :p 
ahhh  gas, with the long drives in Dubai, im happy refilling my baby costs me only 20Dhs for a full tank to get me zipping along for 150Kms !!! 

Ahhhhhh, the Crotch Rocket factor, yess, yess, it is an insaaaannneee feeling to reach the high speeds on the bike feeling every bit of wind, sand, dust, wiper water and yes, the infamous insects :s !! and nothing beats the feeling of driving under the rain in Dubai, as scarce as it is, i wait for it!!  just makes it even more challenging even more dangerous!! 

one of my vices is my adrenaline junkie side, it must admite, it gets me in trouble most of the time!!  i just can’t over it though, it is so addictive, even when driving go karts which barely touch the 90Km/h mark on the track, i still feel so high on adrenaline!! 

on a last note, try to get on a bike, experience it, embrace it even for once, it is exquisite and remember, ride fast but safe !!  ride the wind 


That’s my buttermint for the day!

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