Sunday, 10 October 2010

Pandora's Box

love, life’s pandora’s box!! 

My All :)

so full of surprises it does not come with a manual, so scary that the only protection is abstinence, gives you such a high that coming up with a cure is banned, so heart warming that global warming might be a result of it,, 

never thought id be writing about love, i mean there goes my man card out the window ! 

well, how many of you think that these fairly tales we read about are so hard to come by? how many of you think that soul mates are only in movies? how many of you have listed your perfect match criteria and then started to cross off stuff just to find som1? 

The thing about love, is how unexpected it is, you could be walking down the street bump into the woman of your life, say sorry and smile and find urself happily ever after, or say hi and smile and walk away without both you knowing what might have happened... i never accepted that and always followed through after the hi n smile,, till i found her...

till i found my baby girl, till i found the one who makes me laugh hard, till i found the one that warms up my heart with her smile, till i found the one that can reach with her arms around the world just to hug me, till i found the one that bakes the most amazing cakes, till i found the one that can give me the best goosebumps at the best and most unexpected times, till i found the one that can Ikea my heart as her own refuge with such ease, till i found her,,, 

all of that at the most unexpected of times, i found love, the journey is crazy and never enough!! 

i love her 


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